huawei y9 full review, price in pakistan, Display, camera and specification

huawei y9

huawei y9

Huawei usually does not launch a lot of smartphones in a year, at least not in others brands like Xiaomi, Samsung or Realm. On Thursday, Huawei included Y9 Prime 2019 in its phone portfolio in India. To compete with newer phones such as Realm X (Review), Oppo K3 and Galaxy A50 (Review), Huawei needed some trendy features such as pop-up camera and triple rear camera, both Y9. Prime Minister comes with 2019

The price of huawei y9 Prime 2019 is Rs 15,990 in India. It comes in a single 4GB + 128GB storage configuration and will be available on Amazon India from 7 August. Huawei has planned to sell Y9 Prime 2019 with the help of Micromax and through retail stores after recently announcing a partnership between the two brands.

huawei y9 price in pakistan

Rs.32,599 pkr


When you have a Y9 Prime, you can feel its size and weight despite the company’s claim that your phone is compact and thin.

The Y9 Prime has a 3D panel on the back which is made of plastic. It doesn’t feel very premium when you hold it and feel the rear panel, but the phone is ready for this with a unique dual-tone function that reminds you of one of the Pixel phones. That being said, it is not so clear or different on Y9 Prime 2019. The phone has been introduced in Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue. The green model I tested presents two colors that are split just below the fingerprint sensor. Indoors under average lighting, it was difficult to distinguish between the two colors, and I think the providers did more justice than the original product.

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huawei y9

The camera

Huawei y9 Prime’s 16MP selfie camera is featured on the handset (with SIM tray). When you blink in selfie mode, the mechanism rotates, exposing the selfie camera.

This is a great feature. Like a robot friend whose sole purpose is to take glamorous pictures of your giant noggin. The main advantage of a pop-up camera is that, as noted, it negates the need for an intrusive camera icon. This is a fun idea that still pays for our experience.

If, through an exposed eye, the mechanical camera sends it down your spine, then Huawei has assured us that the selfie camera survived 100,000 pops during internal testing and survived a pressure of 15 kg. Can (if you are worried about breaking it).

When the handset is left, some smart AI is running in the background when the selfie camera pops up to tell Y9 Prime. If it detects that the user has left the phone, the popup camera will quickly pop into its shell.

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huawei y9 prime price

When I read the apparent price of huawei y9 Prime, I had to double, no triple. Wait hold on You mean, like, the price of a smartphone that I have been enjoying for the last one week is 329? I ask my personal assistant to keep this garbage phone out of my sight.

But seriously, we like to have fun here, but the cheap price of Y9 Prime is no laughing matter. I was really surprised when I realized how low the Y-9 Prime was in the mid-range scale.

huawei y9

No wireless, fast charging or NFC

huawei y9 Prime does most of its everyday activities, but when you look at its specs for communication, its budget formation becomes really clear.

I’ve given huawei y9 the major top numbers for its battery performance, but when it (finally) comes to charging, it’s not as fast as you used with a premium phone. huawei y9 Prime does not charge fast, so once the battery is completely dry, you have to give a little more time.

Most people charge their smartphones overnight so this is not a problem in most cases, but for those horrible mornings where you realize the charger was not plugged in, it can be a nuisance.

huawei y9

Y9 Prime Battery

The pleasant surprise that I have found with huawei y9 Prime so far is its superb battery life. huawei y9 Prime’s dynamic 6.59-inch display has a 4,000 mAh battery. My first attempt at drying the battery was a long and tedious process. It was White, the daughter of smartphone batteries, it just wouldn’t die.

I left my apartment at 9:30 am Sunday with full charge. I picked up a new cafe for breakfast, and then went to the Sunday markets. Providing Y9 Prime’s camera with actual workouts for most of the day.

I used the Y9 Prime on Sunday and I hoped to come home tonight with a death from a small red battery. Far from it, the Y9 Prime’s battery indicator was a thick slab of white (around 80 80). Okay, I thought, this is one of those phones that pretends to have all the good stuff under the hood, when it’s below 50%. Not true either.

On this one charge, I went without drying the battery for about three days. On Wednesday morning (3 days later) I woke up from a dead huawei y9 Prime. It went peacefully on Tuesday night (it’s worth noting that I slept with around 55 5).