Chat till late night on WhatsApp and want to hide from parents online status?  So do this setting now

Chat till late night on WhatsApp and want to hide from parents online status? So do this setting now

Chatting on Whatsapp is the easiest. Crores of people are using this app all over the world. In addition to video and audio calls in WhatsApp, there are many fun features that make your chatting experience great. Nowadays people in Corona are the most connected with their friends and family on WhatsApp.

In such a situation, young girls and boys use WhatsApp for chatting among themselves. Many times we do not want to show our family that we are online. In such a situation, you can turn on the special feature on WhatsApp. If you want to chat till late night with someone and do not want your online status to be known to others, then for this you will have to make some changes in the settings.

If you do not want to show your last scene or online status on WhatsApp and want to chat with one of your friends, then you have to take help of third party app for this. Let’s know what you need to do for this particular setting.

This is the easy way
Most popular chatting service can be chatting on WhatsApp without being seen online or last seen and for this you need to follow these simple steps. You have to download the WA bubble for chat app from your play store. After this, the steps given below have to be followed.

1- For this trick, first you have to go to Google Play Store and download the WA bubble for chat app.
2- This app will ask for many accessibility permissions and which you have to allow.
3- Now the messages coming on WhatsApp will be seen in the bubbles.
4- Chatting here, you will not see anyone online and will be able to chat comfortably even while offline.
5- Through this app you can chat without opening WhatsApp.

note- Let us tell you that we are just giving you information about this app. If you want, download this app. If you do not believe such apps or believe that there is some kind of danger, then do not download these apps at all. WhatsApp does not give you any such feature.

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